When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on in the first place.

Dilapidated means to be in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect, the best word to describe the state of my blog. It has been ages since I last updated my blog, I wonder who still pop by to take a look these days. For those, who are really close to me, you should know, I have been dead busy. So busy, it isn’t just this blog that I forgot about, it’s everything and everyone else in my life, other than my NTU peers and hall mates. I don’t know where to start, how to tell you or even record this down for myself to read back in future about how university life has been like for me for the past two months..

It’s a rush. It’s a dream come true that turn into a nightmare, before waking up to find yourself exhausted and drained once again, begging to get more rest. I just read my very first post that I wrote when I first stepped into NTU.. The excitement has died down, the harsh reality has stepped in, I’ve settled in. No longer lost and late for lessons, no longer rushing to buy/print notes, no longer trying new things out or discovering interesting places in NTU..  Now, it’s rushing to finish tutorials, trying not to skip lectures, deciding which canteen food to have cause you are tired of another, sleeping at 3am- 4am in the morning and forcefully wake yourself up to go for school and playing my role as the Asst. Honorary General Sect. in my hall. It’s everything else, except for sleeping enough, eating leisurely and spending time with loved ones.

From the start of the semester, I was walking into a disillusion. I got really messed up, struggling to juggle everything in hand, facing with tons of problems. Now, I’m pretty much still in a mess, just with more support. I’ll get over this period, it’s just part and parcel of life, another phrase. When everything is over, I will look back and see how much I have grown, like always.

To my awesome bros,  Junhao & Webster, CONGRATULATIONS!! It’s finally over, you’re freed. Go enjoy, play my share, savour the sweetness of doing nth :)


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