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It’s not where you are from, it’s where you are going.

When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.. Our answers were things like, “Astronaut, president, or in my case… A princess.”

When we were ten, they asked again and we answered, “Rock star, cowboy, or in my case… A gold medallist.”

But now that we’ve grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how about this, “Who the hell knows?!”

This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions, it’s the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere, chill. Fall in love, a lot. Major in philosophy, cause there’s no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then, change it again, because nothing is permanent.

So, make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… We won’t have to guess, we’ll know.


Hurray, I have finally officially started school!! Sorry for the recent disappearance and lack of posts, I was busy moving into my new room at NTU Hall 3/ cleaning up my room/ trying to get my LAN cable to work in my room to use the internet/ getting my tutorials downloaded/ buying my notes from Lee Wee Nam Library/ getting lost occasionally/ buying grocery etc etc.. We, as in me and Abigail, are almost settled in. It’s really a super nice experience, school and hall life.

After last Wednesday’s Freshmen Welcome Ceremony, I feel ‘branded’ and that I’m in safe hands being a NTU student. How many times have your parents/ relatives/ teachers/ random elderly told you to study hard so that you can make it into a university? When I was younger, I didn’t understand how important and significant it is, now I do. As long as you get into a local university, you’ve made it. It’s like some chemical reaction, nobody cares what path you take, the end product is what matters most. The feeling is really indescribable, you got to taste it yourself. Peeps, who are still studying hard for A’ Levels, study damn ass hard. It’s worth it. I’ve made it, all that I want to do now is enjoy life as an undergraduate and do well cause I want to be all ready to face working life in near future.. It’s bedtime! Nights, peeps. I’ll be back soon enough..

Random, I love HTHT session with Abigail before bedtime :))

P.S. Once I am done with doing up my room, I will upload some photos of my pretty and neat room!!


No matter how hard it is, we’ll eventually find our way out.

Broken, it’s the state of some of our lives and hearts. To my girlfriends, who aren’t having an easy time now, things will be better. You’ve already made your choice, there are reasons why you hesitated and why you have decided to do what you did. Don’t look back and get soft-hearted, look forward and enjoy your new found freedom.

There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it.

My brother is, in my room, asking for my opinion on his outfit for tml's outing. Gesturing all over, finding faults with himself.. It's damn funny.

Everyone’s vain, in one way or another. It isn’t such a bad thing, it’s good that you care about how you look. Looking good and dressing up for a date/meeting/ gathering, it’s a form of respect to the person/people you are going out with. It shows how much they matter to you, ensuring that you look your best is the least you could do for them and yourself. (Tiny bit of vanity is fine, as long as it doesn’t go over the limit.)

My brother has been popping in and out of my room for the past half an hour, trying to throw a decent outfit together. Hehehee. I always do that, banging on his door and asking him what he thinks about my outfit before stepping out of the house. I wonder who is he going out with tomorrow, but he didn’t say, just smile wickedly when I probed. Heehhehee. I guess when the time is right, someone will have something to tell me ((:

I love my brother! It wasn’t always this case, well, things change. Now that we’re both older and more sensible, we get along so much better. We laugh at each other, watch DVDs till late at night together, walk to the nearby MacDonald for supper and look out for each other etc etc.. Sometimes, when I am scared to sleep alone, I bunk in with him too. Wait, we still do fight and get pissed off with each other, but those occasions happen less frequently now. Nevertheless, when we do fight, we forgive and forget. That’s what family members do, no matter what you have done, they forgive and are always there when you need them ((:

Best friends are like diamonds, precious and rare.

Today was an awesome day!! Judith and I went out today, we did a lot of catching up and she made me felt so much better than I did this morning. It was good shopping day for us, retail therapy rocks as long as you know how to spend within your limits!! After shopping, we went back to my place to “rest”, before going for our respective tuitions around the corner. Heheheee. Thanks BFF!! *hugs*

Look at us, we're two cute little bunnies. Lol.

When I look at myself, I creep myself out too.

Candid, I'm not done with wearing my new cap :D

This is what Judith will say, "Sweet much!"

When we took this, there were braces marks on our teeth, apparently they just didn't turn up after we took the photo.

Introducing Moo Moo, my companion in bed every night. Till today, only Judith has seen me smelling and hugging it to sleep, cause of our Australia trip.

We're nerds. Smart ones!! I choose to believe it's that way :))

Our family portrait!! :D

Thanks BFF!! I'm super lucky to have you.

The only way out is the hard way..

It’s Monday, not the usual one, cause it’s the first day of school for a lot of us. Summer vacation is over, time for more homework and preparation for the big exams at the end of the year. Well, that is for most of us. As for me, it’s just the start of summer and the real vacation is in July ((:  I guess I count myself lucky, school is only going to start in late August and I still have two months to play, not that I am not looking forward to hostel life and meeting new friends.

Actually, I dread making new friends, the ones I have now in life are good and sufficient enough to last me this whole lifetime. Yet, I guess that making new friends in new environment is just part and parcel of life. I am not bad at it, no one is, it is just.. It’s quite a task to start playing that ‘Hey, want to stick around and be my friend.’ game all over again. To get close and understand another so well, the way I do with my BFFs and bros, it is not easy. I appreciate them a lot, but I don’t know if I have that much appreciation to go about. The other thing that is making me nervous about university life is the orientation camps, I have been organizing camps in JJ so often that I forgot how it is like to be a camper and not the one being in charged. It’s just so much easier being at the top and to start all over again from the bottom of some invisible social ladder at different institutions, as a newbie, it is just a pain. Well, I shall not think too much now, when the time comes, I guess I will know what to do.

Anyway, I was on the phone with LG last night and I got really pissed off. Staying at push up position for half an hour, another half an hour at squatting position.. I must say, the way NS punished people to get what they want is damn screwed up, especially when you’re punished for nothing. Why don’t they just stick to the usual and normal way of punishing people, punish the ones who are in fault and not the one who aren’t? Not everyone has a conscious, sometimes some just don’t give a damn about others being punished for what they did, it really isn’t wise to punish everyone for one’s mistake. Anyway, NS is damn screwed up ttm, yet no one can do anything about it. The only way out is the hard way.. I am just hoping two years will pass really really soon so that all my close guy friends, bros and LG can be freed from all this shit.

Brothers are friends, provided by nature.

Woolala, I’m back from my brother’s POP from his Cadet Inspector course!! It wasn’t as impressive as I thought it would be, but I still enjoyed my evening. Super proud of my brother!! I still remember a month ago, he was still hesitating whether he should take up this course. Halfway through, he wanted to give up cause of his ingrown toe nail that made drills and marching super painful for him. Well, after all that fuss, I am so glad that he pulled through.

One way tickets to a lovely evening..

I wonder if this is where LG, sometimes, train at..

Officially graduated from his Cadet Inspector Basic Training Course..

My super super stern brother standing at attention..

Smart brother, third from the right.

Apparently, this Madam really helped my brother alot throughout his course.

My awesome brother!!! ((:

My companion for the night, we chatted alot about my usual Saturday companion. Lol.

I wish my dad was around to take photo with my brother too.

A super lovely evening, with my mum and brother ((:

I didn’t post every single photo I took, cause I don’t want my blog to take ages to load. If you are really interested to see the less interesting parts, you can view them through my FaceBook photos ((: That’s all for now, I am dead beat, shall go rest early. Well, after settling some stuffs with LG. Nights, peeps.

Writer, thy mind is fickle.

I can’t decide if I should take off my MacBook’s keypad guard, cause it feels better typing on it without the keypad guard, but my keypad will get dirty very easily. I can’t decide if I should keep my phone casing on, cause it feels better carrying the phone around without it, but my phone will get scratched easily. I can’t decide if I should choose a air-conditioned hall, cause it means I would have to share toilet with a dozen other girls, but the weather can get really hot occasionally. I can’t decide on anything these days, not even my own blog theme, which I have been changing every other day. These days, I am just super fickle minded.

Apart from that, I am super forgetful too.

Anyway, I am going to go get ready to attend my brother’s POP! He finally finished his Cadet Inspector course, I’m super proud of him. It wasn’t easy during the course, he complained a lot. It’s like a taste of NS life in advance for him, but I guess he learnt a lot too. The hardship hasn’t ended for him though, cause he skipped two weeks of school while staying in at HTA, hopefully he will be able to catch up when he goes back to school on Monday. After today, I’ll be seeing my brother everyday till it’s my turn to leave home. I guess we’ve all grown up in one way or another.. Ciao, for now, I’ll update tonight again, with loads of photos ((: