♥ LG

ME: Go and sleep, you’re almost falling asleep on me..
LG: No, I must persevere!!
ME: *laughs* Huh? Persevere for what?! Just go to bed..
LG: Persevere until you don’t want me anymore..
ME: I will never ever not want you, so how?
LG: I will persevere until I die then..
ME: *laughs* Omg, go and sleep, you’re starting to mumble nonsense!
LG: I love you.
ME: Ok, for that part, you’re not mumbling nonsense, I love you too. ((:

So, that’s the end of my night chat for tonight. Today, LG misses me a lot more than usual.. He might be a little upset, but I am feeling a tinge of happiness, cause I am not the only one missing us..


Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it, good things happen when you get your priorities straight.

I’ve been playing Touch for two years, took a break for a year and I was recently back at it again. After much consideration, I’ve decided to drop the sport once again. No sighs, cause the fun I get from playing Touch is no longer the fun that I am looking for. I love Touch a lot, but it’s not enough. Loving is one thing, having the ability to commit for trainings and not start to dread them is another.. I love Touch, but I’ve no intentions to play it till I’m in my late 20s or 30s. I love Touch, I like being good at playing it, but I want to have more company than those from my team mates. As much as playing competitively for the university guarantees you a place in one of the halls, there are also other happier and more fun ways to achieving that.

Previously, I was juggling between three different roles. Being the Vice Captain of Bikila, a Touch player and a student.. It wasn’t easier, I almost screwed everything up. I don’t need and I don’t wish to have that kind of stressful life again.. I want to enjoy my university life, making friends and having fun. So, I’ve decided to drop the role as a competitive Touch player, I’ll just play Touch recreationally. Soon, I should be exchanging the role as a NTU Touch player for the role of a JCRC member. No regrets, cause it’s something I would love to do too. Planning camps and leading peers, with loads of fun ((:

As for now, I’m drafting an email to explain everything to my Coach. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I share the sentiments as I did before joining the team two months ago. I doubt you would want such a player, a player who can’t commit. As we go down the road of life, priorities changes, mine did..

In between goals, there is a thing called life that has to be lived and enjoyed.

Hey peeps, I am back after an extremely draining week at Hall 3’s Freshmen Orientation Camp and NUS Turbo Challenge! Though I am seriously exhausted, I really had loads of fun. I’ll let the photos do the talking, cause I would prefer that to reading chunks of words. AWESOME, it’s the only word that I can use to describe the company I had through the camp.

First day, we had ice breakers and started playing some games.. This station was 'Odd One Out', apparently our choices were always wrong. Lol.

Second round at that game, we kept losing so our legs were already pretty drenched by then..

On the first night, we had our Fright Night at some old commando camp. It was really creepy, there isn't much photos taken there cause it's a plain taboo.

Our real wet games were on held on the second day, it was really gross. We were drenched in sea water, with loads of mud bombs.

Almost end of the session, this is our last station before mass wet games, 'No NG in 100s'.

This was us, after wet games, I guess we were having some break.. So, cam-whore!! :D

If I'm not wrong, this was the second night, we were all ready for some mass dancing!! :)

Chee Meng, my dancing partner for the camp. Throughout the whole dance, our eyes were either on the seniors on the platform or on the floor staring at our feet. Lol.

Shermaine, my close buddy throughout the camp ((: I miss this babe alr, can't wait to see her in the hall. I hope our rooms are real close!!

On the third day, we had our own mini version of Amazing Race. It was really damn exhausting, running and doing tasks the whole day.

Eden's FABULOUS GLs and Seniors Attached!!

Everywhere we went, we had to take photos to show that we completed our tasks.

Everytime we take a photo, we'll chant, "我要看到我的脸!" It's really damn funny..

I think this was an extra photo, I don't remember why we took with the Merlion, but the background looks pretty :))

This was an extra station Eden played during the Amazing Race, Yani impromptu created it by the street. We were made to roll on each other until I was feeling dizzy, so that explains the photo.. We were made to do it, so that our other GL could catch up with us cause he went to buy frozen yoghurt for us to eat that hot afternoon. Super nice of him :D

How can we not have a jump shot after camwhoring so much, right? Jump, Eden!!

My favourite station for that day, Dragon Boating!!

It was super fun!! I got alittle wet, but still feel shiok rowing back and fro to get our next clue..

Our Amazing Race lasted all the way to the night, it only ended around 11plus.. By this second last station, we were all shag ttm.

All geared up, pretty and chio, waiting to meet up our SPs..

Shermaine and me, with our SPs.

Yi Zhe, my 'hold hands' partner. Lol. He's taking the same course as me, potential study partner!! The main reason I join Hall Camp was to find someone to accompany me for breaks and lessons, so mission accomplished! :D

The beginning of a wild night ahead.. Hehehehee.

Some of the girls with our fake OG mate, Sheree. Try guessing who is the fake OG mate, she is a really cool senior! :)

Eleanor, another senior faking it. She is roomie with Sheree, they were really caring and helpful throughout the camp.

Winfred, top left. He was a senior attached, who was loads of fun to hang around with too.

Eden Family Portrait 1.

Eden Family Portrait 2.

Eden Family Portrait 3.

Last Eden Family Portrait, I hope everyone will stick around. Thanks Eden, I had loads of fun cause of you guys!! :))

I will update about my NUS Turbo Challenge another time.. As for now, I shall slack around. I am still feeling tired, haven’t recover from the camp and yesterday’s tournament. I guess it’s going to take days till I fully recovered from the exhaustion. Ciao, peeps, it’s nap time again.

No matter how hard it is, we’ll eventually find our way out.

Broken, it’s the state of some of our lives and hearts. To my girlfriends, who aren’t having an easy time now, things will be better. You’ve already made your choice, there are reasons why you hesitated and why you have decided to do what you did. Don’t look back and get soft-hearted, look forward and enjoy your new found freedom.

There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it.

My brother is, in my room, asking for my opinion on his outfit for tml's outing. Gesturing all over, finding faults with himself.. It's damn funny.

Everyone’s vain, in one way or another. It isn’t such a bad thing, it’s good that you care about how you look. Looking good and dressing up for a date/meeting/ gathering, it’s a form of respect to the person/people you are going out with. It shows how much they matter to you, ensuring that you look your best is the least you could do for them and yourself. (Tiny bit of vanity is fine, as long as it doesn’t go over the limit.)

My brother has been popping in and out of my room for the past half an hour, trying to throw a decent outfit together. Hehehee. I always do that, banging on his door and asking him what he thinks about my outfit before stepping out of the house. I wonder who is he going out with tomorrow, but he didn’t say, just smile wickedly when I probed. Heehhehee. I guess when the time is right, someone will have something to tell me ((:

I love my brother! It wasn’t always this case, well, things change. Now that we’re both older and more sensible, we get along so much better. We laugh at each other, watch DVDs till late at night together, walk to the nearby MacDonald for supper and look out for each other etc etc.. Sometimes, when I am scared to sleep alone, I bunk in with him too. Wait, we still do fight and get pissed off with each other, but those occasions happen less frequently now. Nevertheless, when we do fight, we forgive and forget. That’s what family members do, no matter what you have done, they forgive and are always there when you need them ((:

Coaching is a profession of love, you can’t coach people unless you love them.

I just replied Coach Anne, regarding my attendance for the upcoming month. This was how she ended her previous email,

Pierre de Coubertin said,” The most important thing in the Olympic games is not to win, but to take part…” You have all the world’s top athletes from every nation coming together, you think they just want a fun gathering? Only losers say that. Compete to be the best, or go do line-dancing.

Isn’t she cool? When I read that, I was damn amused and speechless. I’m looking forward to trainings, though it’s really tough. I want to be stronger. I want to run faster. I want to fly with the wind. I had a happy Saturday, hope you guys are loving this long weekend too. Nights, peeps! ((:

If you want to be happy, be.

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

I’m a happy girl today, though I have no idea why. I had a sleepless night, cause I drank milk tea yesterday evening, so I should be grumpy, but I am not. Instead, I caught a wink at around 5am before waking up shortly at 11am to help my dad run errands and do some house chores. I can be a super obedient and filial daughter too, at my own discretion though. Lol. Anyway, training is cancelled cause of Coach’s personal matters. I should keep training so as to get back my speed and stamina back in two months’ time, but I’m bored of running. So, I am going to go for a swim to improve my stamina and work those leg muscles after publishing this post. I caught a glimpse of the unfinished post about my Penang trip, maybe I could work on it after I’m back with dinner with LG. As for now, I shall make good use of my good mood today and make others feel loads happier too ((:

It’s Friday! A long weekend awaits, so cut yourselves some slack and take a breather, work can wait.